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The 32nd 2016 China Electrician Instrument Industry Development Technology Seminar and Exhibition will be held in April


The Electrical Instrumentation Branch of the China Inst […]

The Electrical Instrumentation Branch of the China Instrumentation Industry Association is scheduled to hold the "32nd Session of the 2016 China Electrotechnical Instrumentation Industry Development Technology Seminar and Exhibition" in Ningbo from April 13th to 14th, 2016. The Sixth Council Meeting of the Electrical Engineering and Instrumentation Branch of the Industry Association ".

Main content of the meeting:

1. The Sixth Council Meeting of the China Instrument Industry Association Electrician Instrument Branch

1. Recommend and elect the sixth chairman, deputy chairman, secretary-general, and executive director unit of the China Instrument and Meter Industry Association Electrotechnical Instruments Branch;

2. Selection of the "Top Ten Most Competitive Enterprises in China's Electrical Equipment Industry 2014-2015";

3. Description of the selection of outstanding scientific and technological workers in the "China Electrical Instrument Industry".

2. Technical seminars and exchanges

1. The “13th Five-Year Plan” of State Grid and South Grid and key work in 2016;

2. The future and development of the four-meter collection (introduction at home and abroad);

3. Analysis report on the import and export of electrical instruments and meters in 2015;

4.JJF1538-2015 Installed AC energy meter measuring instrument assessment requirements

5. The opportunities and challenges brought about by the opening of the electricity sales side to the electrical instrumentation industry;

6. Development of metering technology for intelligent charging piles;

7. From the hardware and software design analysis of smart energy meter misalignment

8. Research on impact energy meter technology

3. Exhibition of new information, new technologies, new solutions, new devices, new products, new needs

Introduction to the latest chip technology research of Adano Semiconductor Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Epson Co., Ltd., ROHM Co., Ltd.

4. Interview with corporate video

V. Conference Call for Papers