What is the development prospect of the relay industry

What is the development prospect of the relay industry

Summary:With the gradual implementation of the ten major industry revitalization policies, the demand and ap...

With the gradual implementation of the ten major industry revitalization policies, the demand and application fields of relays in my country will continue to grow. Traditional electromechanical relays will grow at a rate of about 8%, and the development rate 350 micro ohm shunt of solid state relays will remain at about 15%. Special relays will develop rapidly at a rate of more than 20%. According to statistics, my country's relay industry has huge market potential, and my country's relay industry has the following development directions and characteristics.
Features high industry barriers

Power equipment is divided into primary equipment and secondary equipment. Primary equipment refers to equipment that directly undertakes the functions of power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, and power consumption, such as generators, transformers, etc., with low technical content and many domestic manufacturers. The competition is fierce. Secondary equipment refers to the various equipment required for the normal operation of primary equipment and the realization of electricity management goals, such as generator set protection and dispatch automation systems. Compared with the same secondary equipment, the production of secondary equipment has a higher industry barrier. The products of this industry bring together modern electronic technology, communication technology, computer and network technology, with higher technical content and high added value, which is a typical high Technology industry. Although my country's relay industry has achieved remarkable results after years of development, there are still very few domestic companies capable of producing secondary equipment.

Microcomputer protection is the development direction
The technological development of relay protection is inseparable from the technological development of electronics, information, and communications. In the future, with the gradual application of electronic CT (current transformer) and PT (voltage transformer), and the further improvement of the IEC61850 standardization protocol, it is foreseeable that digital technology will be more widely used. Electronic CT and electronic PT with voltage levels of 110 kV and 220 kV have been put into trial operation in China, and the development of relay protection equipment suitable for electronic CT and PT will promote the development of relay protection technology and drive the relay The transformation of new protection principles, new technologies and new applications has become a new topic for researchers in relay protection.

Microcomputer protection relies on software to achieve protection functions. Compared with traditional transistor and integrated circuit protection, it has significant advantages such as strong self-checking function, high integration of protection functions, stable operating characteristics, high reliability, and low maintenance. The development direction of relay protection technology.

The research on microcomputer relay protection in our country started in the late 1970s. In 1984, the first domestic microcomputer line protection device passed the appraisal and was applied in the system. After more than 20 years of development, domestic microcomputer protection technology has continued to advance, and many achievements and patents have been obtained in microcomputer protection hardware, software, algorithms, etc., and four generations of microcomputer protection devices have been launched, and various performance and operating indicators have fully exceeded imported ones. Products are in an international leading position. Domestic microcomputer protection has replaced the protection of transistors, integrated circuits, etc., occupying a dominant position.