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What are the characteristics of optocoupler relays


Optocoupler relays (MOS FET relays) are semiconductor r […]

Optocoupler relays (MOS FET relays) are semiconductor relays (SSR = solid state relays) that use MOF FETs as output components.

Optocoupler relays (MOS FET relays) have the characteristics of low maintenance cost, high speed, small size, etc., and are gradually replacing mechanical relays

1. Ultra-small and lightweight
Omron's SSOP achieves ultra-small size. Dominate decorative materials the market with one step ahead technology.
2. Low drive current
The drive current is 7.5~15mA under the recommended operating conditions (standard). Achieved low current and contributed to energy saving.
3. Long life
Through the optical signal transmission method, a contactless structure is realized. Avoid shortening the life due to contact wear, and can be driven semi-permanently.
4. Minimal leakage current
It has the performance of resisting external inrush current, and adds a snubber circuit. Normally, it is less than 1 nanometer A (GR, LR type) and the leakage current when it is turned off is very small.
5. Excellent impact resistance
The internal parts are completely casted, and there are no movable parts, so that its impact resistance and vibration resistance are quite superior.
6. High insulation
The voltage is converted to light and transmitted through optical signals, so it is electrically insulated. While ensuring that the withstand voltage between the input and output is AC2500V under standard conditions, it has also been serialized with the upper 5000V products to achieve high insulation.