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What are the structure and characteristics of a magnetic latching relay


Divided into two layers, the upper layer is the electro […]

Divided into two layers, the upper layer is the electromagnetic system, and the lower layer is the contact system. The magnetic latching relay system adopts a flat direct-acting magnetic holding magnetic circuit system, which includes a magnet, a coil, an armature, an iron core, and a mounting plate. The magnet is located in the center of the mounting plate. Coils are installed on both sides, U-shaped iron cores are arranged above the coils, and the armature is located between the iron cores to cooperate with each other to form a ring structure, which can be controlled by the magnetic field.

Both ends of the mounting plate are located beside the U-shaped bottom of the iron core and are also installed with pure iron plates to prevent external magnetic field interference.

The open and closed state of the magnetic latching relay is usually held by the magnetic force generated by the permanent magnet. When the contacts of the relay need to be opened or closed, only the positive (reverse) DC pulse voltage is used to excite the coil, and the relay completes the state transition between opening and closing in an instant. Usually when the contact is in the holding state, the coil does not need to continue to be energized, only the magnetic force of the permanent magnet can maintain the state of the relay.