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What are the types of light effects of photoelectric sensors


Photoelectric sensor is a kind of small electronic equi […]

Photoelectric sensor is a kind of small electronic equipment, a key component of photoelectric conversion in various photoelectric detection systems. It is mainly a sensor that uses various properties of light to detect the presence or absence of objects and changes in single phase meter shunt surface conditions. Photoelectric sensors have the characteristics of non-contact, fast response, reliable performance, etc., so they are widely used in industrial automation devices and robots.

The photoelectric sensor is generally composed of three parts: a light source, an optical path, and a photoelectric element. The measured change is converted into a change in an optical signal, and then the optical signal is further converted into an electrical signal with the help of a photoelectric element.

The photoelectric element is the most important part of the photoelectric sensor, and its core working principle is different types of photoelectric effect. According to the wave-particle duality, light is composed of photons moving at the speed of light. When an object is illuminated by light, its internal electrons absorb the energy of the photon and change state, and its own electrical properties will also change. This phenomenon is called For the photoelectric effect.