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What is a shunt and what role does it play


The shunt is a measuring element that uses the voltage […]

The shunt is a measuring element that uses the voltage to indicate the current. Its advantage is that it is convenient to measure and does not need to be connected to the circuit. The shunt is made of insulating ceramics with evenly distributed small holes. The shielding gas sprayed from the welding gun passes through the shunt and sprays out evenly in a laminar flow to improve the protection effect. There are four types of shunts, their functions are as follows
1. General shunt


Short shunt assembly
It is used to measure direct current, and it is made according to the principle that a voltage is generated across the resistor when the direct current passes through the resistor.
Shunts are widely used to expand the measuring current range of the instrument. There are fixed fixed-value shunts and precision alloy resistors. They can be used in communication systems, electronic complete machines, automated control power circuits and other circuits for current limiting, current sharing and sampling detection. There are many different specifications of ammeters, but the actual meter head is a standard millivolt voltmeter. For example, a voltmeter with a full scale of 75 millivolts. Then use this voltmeter to measure a current of, for example, 20 amperes, and you need to equip it with a shunt resistor that produces a voltage drop of 75 millivolts when a current of 20 amperes flows, also called a 75 millivolt shunt.

2. Network splitter
It is something similar in nature to a router, or more precisely, it is a crossed network cable. Generally, the network splitter has only a few holes, which is not as big as an adult’s fist. One side is for plugging in the network cable, and the other is for connecting the computer network cable. It is usually a rectangular box with three to four ports outside. When you want to use it, use the network cable directly. Not good enough.

3. Hydraulic splitter
The pressure splitter uses a flexible and efficient way to combine multiple hydraulic pumps and apply them to a multi-circuit hydraulic system. Each diverter includes a series of gear pairs, which divide the input oil into several outputs in equal or proportionate amounts. The working pressure of each path can be different from each other, and each path can be equipped with a safety relief valve.

4. Wire shunt
Wire shunts have now become the first choice for electrical designers of various design institutes. This is mainly because the product is a national patent product. The conductor material used in the product is tinned copper after molding, ensuring that the material selected for the product is the same material as the cable conductor , The connection of the conductor is surface contact, and the protection level of the product reaches IP63.
Wire shunt products cover a wide range of specifications and models, which can fully meet the power distribution methods under various conditions.