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What is the purpose of the resistance box?


What is the purpose of the resistance box? The resistan […]

What is the purpose of the resistance box?

The resistance box is a box type resistor. It is formed by several fixed-value resistors with different resistances connected in a certain way. Next, the editor of Yunhan Core City will introduce the function of the resistance box and how to use it.

The application of resistance is extremely wide, and some applications can't even think of.

The first is the heating effect of the resistor. For example, electric blankets use magnetic latching relay the heating effect of resistance to improve our sleep quality; there are also electric rice cookers, electric woks and electric stoves.

The resistance box is a rheostat that can adjust the resistance and display the resistance value. The resistance box is a rheostat that can adjust the resistance and display the resistance value.

Features of resistance box:

1. High toughness, it still maintains good toughness under the operating conditions of drastic changes in temperature and is not easy to break.

2. The best heat dissipation design, the cabinet structure has the best cooling air flow path, eliminating local high temperature points and easy burn points.

3. Complete types. According to the current capacity, there are many types of resistance elements such as strip, corrugated winding, smooth winding and so on.

4. The resistance element is modularized, and can be combined arbitrarily through series and parallel methods to meet the requirements of various parameters such as voltage and resistance, and it is convenient to replace.

In fact, we can also use the luminous effect of the resistance heating to realize lamp lighting, such as incandescent lamps. Of course, incandescent lamps are rarely used now.

As for fluorescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, the principle of glow discharge is used. This belongs to the category of gas breakdown characteristics and has no direct relationship with resistance. However, the shadow of resistance can also be seen from their volt-ampere characteristic curve.

The actual role of the resistance box

The resistance box is an important instrument for electrical measurement in the laboratory. The application of the resistance box can improve the accuracy of the readings. When using the resistance box, pay special attention to the current through the resistance can not exceed the allowable value.

It can change the voltage of the transparent conductive film on the glass surface by changing the resistive temperature change of the conductive film to achieve glass discoloration.

We can also measure the salinity of seawater by measuring the conductivity of seawater. It is also possible to indirectly infer the underground geological structure and so on by measuring the resistivity changes of the earth.

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