Braze Welding Shunt Resistance for Energy Meter Suppliers

Braze Welding Shunt Resistance for Energy Meter

Braze Welding Shunt Resistance for Energy Meter

Haiyan Weijia Electric Technology Co., Ltd.


Product: Manganese copper shunt
Material: Copper, manganese copper
Accuracy: ± 5%
Process: Electron beam welding, brazing
Production:Production and processing


  • Current rating: 5A-4000A
  • Voltage drop: 50mV,55mV,60mV,100mV
  • Material: Copper with Maganin plated (Mn)
  • Shunt Resistance options: 120uΩ /150uΩ /200uΩ / 250uΩ / 300uΩ / 350uΩ
  • Product description: Manganin Shunt Resistor for Voltmeter Ammeter Current Measurement



Peoduct Details

Product Details:

Shunt composed mainly of manganese bronze and copper welding, the shunt has two sets of ramp at each end of the connector: Terminal outside with a group of potential, for power connections, within a group and measurement instruments for potential terminal connection.

Fixed constant value shunt Description:

Application: fixed constant value shunt is suitable for measuring DC currents below 10kA directly into the analog display instruments used in conjunction to expand outside of DC current measuring range shunt, or can be considered as current in the circuit in turn sampled by standard resistors, the sampling used in measurement of voltage can be thought of as a current analog signals.

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