Manganin Copper Alloy Watt-hour Meter Shunt Resistor

Manganin Copper Alloy Watt-hour Meter Shunt Resistor

Manganin Copper Alloy Watt-hour Meter Shunt Resistor

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A Manganin Copper Alloy Watt-hour Meter Shunt Resistor is a type of electrical device that is used to measure the amount of electrical energy used by a load. It is typically used in conjunction with a watt-hour meter, which measures the voltage and current flowing through the load, and calculates the power being consumed.

The shunt resistor is made of a manganin copper alloy, which has a low electrical resistance and high thermal stability. These properties make it suitable for long-term accurate measurements of electrical energy consumption. The shunt is connected in parallel with the load being measured, and a small portion of the current flowing through the load is directed through the shunt, creating a small voltage drop across the resistor. This voltage drop is measured by the watt-hour meter, which calculates the energy consumption based on the current and voltage measurements.

Manganin is a common material choice for watt-hour meter shunt resistors as it has high accuracy and stability over a wide range of temperatures and time. Manganin shunt can have a low resistance and a high current capacity, that way the resistance will not affect the measurement of the current, and it will generate a small voltage drop that can be measured.

Product Details


Product:  Manganese copper shunt
Material:  Copper, manganese copper
Accuracy:  ± 5%
Process:  Electron beam welding, brazing
Production: Production and processing

Type: Fixed resistor

Resistance: 80~2400µΩ

Current: 25~200A

Resistance Tolerance: 5%

Material: manganin + copper

Welding: braze welding

Mounting holes size: customized

Wire: customized

Temperature: Independent from temperature variation with low TCR value.

Application: Serving in all kinds of electrical meters/ energy meters/ measurement instruments as power measurer.

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Haiyan Weijia Electric Technology Co., Ltd is a professional China Energy Meter Shunts Manufacturers and 350 micro ohm shunts factory, covers an area of 13 acres, with a total construction area of about 12,000 square meters and more than 200 employees. The company mainly produces in-meter accessories such as current transformers, manganese-copper shunts ,wholesale prepayment meter shunts and magnetic holding relays. The transformer production capacity is 80,000 per day, shunts are 50,000 per day, and 20,000 relays per day. The company invests millions of dollars each year in equipment upgrades, production process improvements and new product development. Currently has dozens of technical patents, enterprise management passed ISO9001 certification, relays and transformers obtained CE EU certification.
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