50mV~100mV DC U-shaped beam welding manganese copper shunt

50mV~100mV DC U-shaped beam welding manganese copper shunt

50mV~100mV DC U-shaped beam welding manganese copper shunt

Haiyan Weijia Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.


Combined usage with DC panel meters according to rated voltage without adjustment.


Rated Voltage drop:50mV~100mV DC

Accuracy: Class 0.5

Material of shunt resistor: Manganin

Main technical parameter:

1)Rated voltage drop range: 1A-50A 10mV~800mV;51A-2500A 10mV~300mV; 2501-12000A 10mV~100mV

2)Ambient condition-25~+40℃; Relative humidity≤80%(35℃)

3)Temperature rise: Put in rated current for 2hr, after the temperature rising steady test it: When the rated current less than 100A, the temperature rise should be no more than 80K; When the rated current more than 100A, the temperature rise should be no more than 120K.

4)Over load performance: 120% of rated current for 2hours.

5)Thermoelectric potential influence: no more than 50% of the index level.

Product Details

Product:  Manganese copper shunt
Material:  Copper, manganese copper
Accuracy:  ± 5%
Process:  Electron beam welding, brazing
Production: Production and processing


  • Current rating: 5A-4000A
  • Voltage drop: 50mV,55mV,60mV,100mV
  • Material: Copper with Maganin plated (Mn)
  • Shunt Resistance options: 120uΩ /150uΩ /200uΩ / 250uΩ / 300uΩ / 350uΩ
  • Product description: 50mV~100mV DC U-shaped beam welding manganese copper shunt




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Haiyan Weijia Electric Technology Co., Ltd is a professional China Energy Meter Shunts Manufacturers and 350 micro ohm shunts factory, covers an area of 13 acres, with a total construction area of about 12,000 square meters and more than 200 employees. The company mainly produces in-meter accessories such as current transformers, manganese-copper shunts ,wholesale prepayment meter shunts and magnetic holding relays. The transformer production capacity is 80,000 per day, shunts are 50,000 per day, and 20,000 relays per day. The company invests millions of dollars each year in equipment upgrades, production process improvements and new product development. Currently has dozens of technical patents, enterprise management passed ISO9001 certification, relays and transformers obtained CE EU certification.
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