Silicone tube transformer components

Silicone tube transformer components

Silicone tube transformer components

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Product:  Transformer components
Composition:  Transformer, brush wire, shunt, copper parts, etc.
Material:  Copper, iron core, heat shrinkable tube, silicone tube, etc.
Accuracy: 0.1 level, 0.2 level
Process:  Bare bag, epoxy potting
Production:  Production and processing

1: Working environment temperature: -30 ° C~55 ° C

2: Working environment humidity: relative: 10%~90%: Absolute: <29g/m

3 without condensation 3: Storage ambient temperature: -40 ° C ~70 ° C

4: Working altitude: 0-4000 meters, rated power below 2000 meters, above 2000 meters, for every 100 meters rise, derating 1%

Product Details

A transformer is a device that uses the principles of electromagnetism to convert one voltage or current to another. It consists of a pair of insulated wire wound around a magnetic core. The winding to which we connect the voltage or current to be converted is called the primary winding and the output winding is called the secondary winding.

Transformers come in two varieties – step up, which increase the voltage or current, and steps down, which decreases the voltage or current input.

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