Three-phase DC Immune Anti-Magnetic Current Transformer Suppliers

Three-phase DC Immune Anti-Magnetic Current Transformer

Three-phase DC Immune Anti-Magnetic Current Transformer

Haiyan Weijia Electric Technology Co., Ltd.


Product: Transformer
Material: Copper, iron core, heat shrinkable tube
Accuracy: 0.1 level, 0.2 level
Process: Bare bag, epoxy potting
Production:Production and processing
Voltage Transformation Principle:Electromagnetic Type
Winding Form:Single Layer & Tightly Wound Type
Insulating Medium:Epoxy Resin
Application:Electronic, Electric Meter


Peoduct Details

Encapsulation by epoxy, with high insulation ability, moisture-proof and vibration-resistant.

Application: All kinds of high precise instrument, meter, like medical meter, energy meter, test meter, and so on

Current Transformer with DC immunity main characteristics:
1. Adopt high magnetic permeability magnetic core, with high precision and good linearity and can resist DC component.
2. The range of applicable electric current is wide(5A-400A)
3. Primary input and secondary output ensure flexible and diversified forms as well as easy installation.
4. With a complete range of specification, products can be made according customers special requirements
Parameters and specification

Current Ratio Accuracy Rated Burden(Ω )
10(60)A/2.5mA 5
20(80)A/5mA 0.1, 0.2, 0.5 10
20(80)A/8mA 20

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